Most Games Ain't Free

There are two main things you need to play video games, time and money. I might be able to help with the first part at some point, but right now I just don’t have the time. So let me save you some money.

“Who are you to tell me...” shut it hippie! I have an exclusive membership to Costco which allows me to purchase bulk quantities at discount prices, err actually I just buy a lot of games at like 75% off or more. I’m trying to help you, quit fighting me on this.

So anyway, know ain’t gettin much off that new new. Well, you could become a video game media icon like me and have the developers lining up to give you free shit. Nah, I’m playing, you’re my first visitor. I save money by scooping up them sloppy seconds. *This post includes affiliate links, meaning I could theoretically make money from them. It will never influence my opinions, but the government wants you to know for some reason.

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Humble Bundle:

There are two ways HB can save you money, but the first is 100% a crapshoot (risky, not poopy). That would be the monthly subscription. Basically every month they come out with a bunch of games that you have the option to pick some to keep forever. I’ve definitely had months where I feel like I scooped up a pretty sweet game or even a few for the relatively low subscription cost. However, most of the time it’s one decent game and a bunch of indie games you never really considered. That can still be a good thing because you might find a gem you’ve never even heard of. I think you get to see at least a few of the options before you are actually charged for the month so you could skip if you didn’t want that crap. The subscription service is not the star of the show though.

The second way they save you money is regular old Humble Bundles that they come out with several times a month. There is usually a theme, for instance I got a bunch of Sonic games recently. There is, I think, always three tiers of the bundle. You can get a few things for $1. The upper tiers have different prices, often based on the average amount people are paying. Some people pay more than what is asked for because ultimately this site is about charity. A cut of the money always goes to charity and you even get to determine how big that cut is. All I’m suggesting you do here is, get an account and pay a little bit of attention to the emails. I usually end up getting the second tier, cuz it seems like that’s the bulk of the best stuff but there have been plenty of times where I’ve gotten something awesome for $1. So sign up for your free account and get emailed every time a new bundle comes out.

By the way, they also have bundles for books (regular and comic), software, and even online training courses and shit. Just sayin.

XBox Game Pass:

If you look into XBox Game Pass you’ll see everybody saying pretty much the same thing, it’s stupid cheap. If you have an XBone, just get it. If you also have a Windows PC, why don’t you already have it? You know how I was talking about sloppy seconds earlier, well this shit has brand new games included. You heard me mofo, first party games are included with GP at launch. Since Microsoft is buying up studios like mad “first party” is more and more stuff all the time too. I mentioned in my last post I’m looking forward to Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I’m also looking forward to not paying for it! Be warned, a lot of people are predicting the price pretty much has to go up. Maybe if you get in now the price will be grandfathered…*shrug*. Actually though, the already low price does go down at times so check for promotions.


You’d better already know all about Steam. I mean I guess if you’re strictly a console gamer I don’t have to rough you up, but you’d still be a jackass. I ain’t even linking it, if you don’t already have it you deserve to have to type. Anyway, you probably also realize that Steam has huge sales multiple times a year. BUT, I bet you’ve missed some stuff. So my recommendation is don’t worry about paying attention to the sales. Put every single game you are interested in into your Wishlist. When it goes on sale, you get an email. Big sale, little sale, it don’t matter. Sure the big ones are talked about all over the interwebs, but there have been plenty of times I’ve gotten an email and it’s just a weekend sale or who knows why sale. You’re about to get another recommendation that’s basically the same as this, but double up. It isn’t that hard to just remove it from your list if you buy it somewhere else. Now if you forgot you already bought it, I can’t help you there...YET (oh yeah, I got plans fool).


Right off the bat I’ll tell you, GOG (I’m pretty sure it used to be Good Old Games or something like that which made sense, but GOG is just a stupid name) has had a bad reputation at times. I don’t have the deets, I’m sure you can find them, but I’ve never had a problem so I feel comfortable recommending them with that disclosure.

Basically, same shit as the Steam plan. Put everything in your Wishlist and wait for an email. If the discount sucks, just keep waiting.

PlayStation Now:

Let’s be blunt, it’s no XBox Game Pass. If you’re a PS player is what it is. You can easily browse to see if there is something you want and reassess each month (though you save like a whopping 50% paying for a year up front).


This subreddit requires you to be a bit more proactive, or at least setup an RSS feed or something, but they do all the heavy lifting for you. Somebody will post about the stuff I’ve mentioned already, Humble Bundles, Steam, and GOG sales. However I still stand by the recommendations about those services because it’s basically just checking your email which you Gen X dorks are already doing 27 times an hour anyway. This will just help you find the sales on pretty much every other site ever. It has drawbacks though. Like I said, you’ll need to actually check it once in a while. I don’t recommend the feed because there is going to be a lot of shit you don’t care about.

Pick a Number

Don’t go through all of this and then buy some 20% off bullshit. If you don’t hold out for at least 50%


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