Golden Age of Gaming

Last post was a bit negative, but it gave me the idea for this one. There are, of course, disappointments in gaming, like any other hobby. However, there has never been a better time to be a gamer, and we are almost at the peak. I believe there is only one more step to the Platinum Age, but that’s for next week. *This post includes affiliate links, meaning I could theoretically make money from them. It will never influence my opinions, but the government wants you to know for some reason.

The graphics on your smartphone are better than anything that ever existed before maybe three years ago. High end PCs and next-gen consoles may not get us all the way there, but we are rapidly approaching a point where we won’t be able to differentiate between CGI and video. Some recent polls have shown many people still rate better graphics as their most wanted feature from the next-gen. Those people are stupid, but that’s why I mention it first. I don’t understand the whole 8K thing. I read an article back in the day that most people can’t differentiate past 1080p. Now, I’ve seen some things since then that make it seem like that may be bullshit, but certainly there is a limit and it is fast approaching.

I think cloud gaming is premature, like my eja...but if any of the major players (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) is actually committed to making it happen that’s all it takes. That’s still a real question though. If it does work out though, that’s kinda huge dude. If you could play the latest game with max graphics on a tablet with mediocre Wi-Fi, game changer. That’s probably a few years off, but that snowball is rolling down the hill.

The platinum snowball is a slow roller. The Oculus Quest seems to be about the cream at the moment, but it’s no Ready Player One situation. I feel like this wave of VR started several years ago now and I just haven’t seen the progress I expected. Now let me be one hundred and invalidate everything I’m saying here...I have never experienced any VR platform. This is outside observation only. Mostly, I think the headsets are coming along nicely. It’s the controls, haptics, omni-directional treadmills and all the assorted accessories. I get that the money has to be there, but I feel like at least gloves ought to be a priority. All of that said, there are multiple options (competition), a decent library, costs are coming down, and quality is going up. I have faith that it really will happen, it just might be twenty years still.

What about the variety and availability though brah? You literally could not play all the worthwhile games that come out this year to completion. Try it, I dare you! There are too many amazing games every year. This isn’t complete AND it doesn’t have like any indies. Also what about games that don’t really have an ending but should definitely be played: SFV:CE, FFXIV, ITYJ… They are on your phone, console, PC, Tesla screen fur fucks sake. Still not enough? Well you can get em pretty damn cheap too you greedy SOB!

One of the main things I was actually thinking of when I wanted to make this post was the ability to watch video games, read about video games, listen to podcasts about video games, and all the other great cultural things you can do besides just playing them. Shit is in museums, and airports. They are making a god damned Atari hotel in the year 2020! I was just talking last week about how much Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sucks to play, but I’m gonna watch some masochist Let’s Play that turd on YouTube and still get to enjoy it (not as much as I’d enjoy my money back, but yeah). I know the whole “coming soon” thing makes me look like a real cuck, but I really am gonna start making videos for YouTube and eventually I’ll be on Twitch (but I probably gotta get my job/money situation improved first). Oh, eSports homie. The only normy sport worth watching is MMA 🦶 foot down. However, I’ll watch the shit out of a MOBA or better yet Street Fighter.

Damn, I had to come back to add this in cuz I almost forgot. What about that damn XBox Game Pass ladies? We’ve got these subscription services giving you an instant library with actual good games. We just need like a digital GameFly where you can have damn near any game, but only one at a time. Maybe then I’d actually finish something...

So basically, we can have awesome graphics on our VR headset at the airport via the cloud on the way to the Dota 2 International while bumping Basshunter on a Razer headset and drinking Game Fuel (not that I recommend that last part). What bitch?! This ain’t a golden age? You is a damn fool.

You tell me, short of a full dive Sword Art Online type thang (which I already said was the Platinum Age), what more do you want? Yes the graphics will get a bit better, but they are pretty fricken noice. Sure cloud gaming needs more infrastructure and buy-in. Stadia came out like yesterday, give it a minute man damn. You got selection out the ass, so if you don’t have anything to play you need to find a Steam Curator or something mofo, that’s all your own fault. You can be immersed in all things video games 24/7 and you probably won’t even get made fun of for it. Serious note though, if you are 30+ stop with the t-shirts. I’m finna sell whack ass t-shirts some day, but you gonna have to check a box that you weren’t alive in the 80s or something. /end tangent. If you aren’t happy with the state of things...why are you like this? Sometimes I want to slap you. I honestly question why I’m friends with a scrub like you.

Look, I don’t like this part, but seriously if you are still reading at this point you owe me a like, share, follow, something. It’s just lazy and rude. Good day sir.

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